Why men prefer sex with older woman

Panthers are often called adult women who have not lost, and often only increased their attractiveness and sexuality over time. And often such women are of great interest to young men. However, why do many men prefer sex with older women when there are many attractive young girls around? 

For a young man who has had an intimate relationship with an adult woman, the so-called panther, this sexual experience often becomes the most vivid and makes a lasting impression for a lifetime. And here are the main reasons.

1. Number of partners.

Before marriage, these women may have had little experience, but after a divorce, the number of lovers tends to increase several times.

2. They have a rich experience.

It is logical that the older a woman is, the more experienced she is, which means she can surprise many.

3. They know what they want.

It’s no secret that men like to feel successful, and one of the main criteria for success for them is the ability to please a woman, because this greatly raises self-esteem. When a woman knows exactly what she wants in bed, it’s easier to succeed.

4. They know what men want.

Representatives of the masculine part of humanity also want a woman to be able to satisfy all their sexual desires. And no one can cope with this better than a wise experience of an adult woman.

5. They also enjoy sex like young men.  

Panthers are no longer interested in marriage and family building and they just enjoy their sex life. Also they like men to play with their pussy, and you can find pussy licking tubes here.

6. They realize how important regular sex is.

Perhaps in the past, there was no spark and passion in their marriage and over time these women learned the benefits of regular sex, both in terms of emotions and physical health.

7. Men are flattered that attractive adult women are interested in them.

It is very important for men to realize that they are attractive. And when it comes to the interest of a beautiful experienced woman, their self-esteem skyrockets.

8. They know when to dominate and when to transfer the initiative.

Having a relationship with such a woman, everything goes like clockwork, and the man feels incredible self-confidence on the part of the woman, which is incredibly turns on. Panthers know when to take control of the reign and when to be submissive, and men love that.

9. They love their body and know its value.

Men get incredible pleasure when they see in front of them an absolutely uninhibited woman who feels comfortable being naked. Not every young girl can boast of this.

10. They are honest and open.

The Panthers have already outgrown children’s games by not answering calls. They are not afraid to take the first step and this does not bother them at all. They know what they want from the relationship and speak directly about their desires. In addition, such women are not afraid of losing a man, showing their true selves.

This is why many young men hunt panthers.

Perfect age difference

They say that all ages are submissive to love, because age is just a number. However, research from the University of Atlanta found that there is still an ideal age difference at which success in a relationship is most likely.

  • The researcher interviewed 3,000 couples and found that the greater the age difference, the greater the risk of subsequent breakup.
  • Studies have shown that couples with an age difference of 5 years have an 18% chance of breaking up. With a difference of 10 years, the probability of a rupture increases to 39%. And for couples whose age difference is 20 years, the probability of separation reaches 95%.
  • Researchers are confident that with a difference of 1 year, the probability of a breakup is reduced to a minimum of 3% and is ideal for building strong relationships.

Of course, you can’t argue with statistics, however, in conducting this study, scientists did not take into account criteria such as the similarity of interests, life positions and goals, as well as the nature and presence of children.

And yet, we are sure that age is not the main indicator of a happy and successful relationship, because everything depends primarily on the feelings and intentions experienced.

Men like it when women are emotional during sex, because it most clearly shows that you are good.

Men are also pleased to please women, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want: fantasies, actions, positions. Rest assured, the man will only be pleased to fulfill your desires.

Believe me, if you follow these conclusions, your loved one will be very pleased.

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