How to enjoy better and more pleasurable sex


Sex isn’t just sex, and it’s not just an exercise. If these are your impression about sex, you should have a change of orientation before or by the end of this content. Sex is meant to be enjoyed between two sexually matured individuals. More than sweating or fulfilling your sexual desires, sex connects two individuals and helps to bond them on a larger scale. However, the concept of sex has been bastardized such that several individuals believe sex to be a form of exercise or a way of just being intimate with the other person. It’s more than that; it’s more pleasurable than you’ve imagined. 

However, if you have never enjoyed sex, it’s probably because you’ve been doing it the wrong way. There’s no need to feel bad; no one would sit you down to teach you how to have sex. You are, however, expected to know, either by trial and error or by reading up content online. While all of these things are not bad in themselves, they could misinform your perspective about sex, as there are numerous misleading contents on today’s internet. 

However, here are some ways to enjoy sex better in your relationship. 

Be sure your partner knows what you want:

One of the main misconceptions we have regarding sex is that we think it is one-sided. Once you’ve orgasmed, you are done. No! This shouldn’t be it. Before having sex, be sure you and your partner have discussed how it would be done. It might sound cliché, but it’s one of those ways in ensuring sex is more pleasurable. Make sure you communicate your needs to your partner in the most appropriate and explainable manner, as you might have known that good communication promotes intimacy. If your partner isn’t doing it the way you want them to, ensure you direct them to the right approach. They want to please you, help them achieve it seamlessly. If your partner gives you direction, always appreciate it because they want the relationship to work irrespective of whatever it takes. 

Exercise and practice Kegels:

If you believe Kegels are for women alone, you are wrong. Kegel exercises could be done by both the man and woman, since you both have pelvic floor muscles. One of the ways in which cam girls on sex cams look appealing is because they can maneuver themselves into anything you want them to be. Over time, they have been able to practice and make themselves as flexible as possible to please their viewers. So, imagine you and your partner are having sex, and you can’t even flip positions suddenly. It makes sex boring and less pleasurable. Engaging in Kegels with your partner changes this narrative, as not only will your pelvic muscles be flexible, it makes your entire body easy to maneuver irrespective of the positions. A strengthened pelvic floor muscle is important in enjoying better sex and could be practiced anywhere as long as you don’t make weird faces. Kegels are very significant in sexual pleasure for both you and your partner, and their importance can never be overemphasized. 

Be dynamic:

Improvisation when having sex is one of the best game-changers when having sexual intercourse with your partner. It’s more like bringing in something new when they least expected it. Because sex is done in the bedroom doesn’t mean you and your partner should always have yours in the bedroom. You can switch things up by moving from the bedroom to the kitchen top, then to the bathroom. Emotions are some of those things that cannot be easily tamed, and when it comes to sex, you shouldn’t tame them. They could help improve sex in the most interesting forms ever. So, capitalizing on your sex drive when and where it hits you isn’t something you should always think about. You could be in the kitchen, and your wife looks sexually appealing to you. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the sex there. It all doesn’t have to be in the bedroom because that’s how it has always been. However, it should be noted that the concept of improvisation in sex should never be abused. When improvising, be sure you do not bring in what your partner would probably reject; it could water down the moment. For example, if you just witnessed anal sex on sex cams and want to bring it into your relationship, be sure your partner would be okay with it unless it could become a mess. If your partner isn’t okay with anal sex, don’t use improvisation as an avenue to bring it in, even after they’ve once declined it.

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