How to get more comfortable with virtual sex 

 If you haven’t explored the online sex community, you need to do more with the adult internet. More than enough fun packaged in the entire community would change your orientation about sexual intimacy. One of the most intriguing aspects of the adult entertainment industry is the virtual sex community. Don’t be surprised; you can enjoy virtual sex from the very corners of your room on the right sex platform. In fact, there are more than enough reasons why you should explore this community, and one of them is to understand that there’s more to sexual intimacy than penetrating sex. 

Again, you should note that you don’t have to engage in penetrating sex before you can enjoy sexual intercourse. Virtual sex is a form of sex that involves a live sex video call with the other person at the end of the screen. It’s convenient and as erotic as the regular sex. If you haven’t explored it, it’s about time you tried it. 

However, if you have been exploring the virtual sex community and still do not feel comfortable with it, it might be because you are doing some things wrongly. If you continue doing them, you keep getting the same result until you change your orientation. Before exploring the virtual sex community, it is worth noting that every pre-established opinion regarding what the community would look like needs to be unlearned. So, take your time to forget everything you think you know about the virtual sex community and be open to learning from the source when you visit an actual sex site. 

Top 3 means of getting more comfortable with virtual sex

As established above, if you have been exploring the virtual sex community and it still doesn’t feel right, it might mean you need to change your orientation. However, here are some of those things you need to do in order to enjoy virtual sex more.

  • Be ready to learn: 

When you come to a virtual sex platform, it’s advisable that you forget everything you think you know about sex and be ready to learn. Sex and virtual sex are different. If you are used to penetrating sex, it might take a while to adjust to the virtual sex reality. However, some activities you must learn in virtual sex might be foreign from what you know compared to the normal penetrating sex. So, ensure you are always ready to learn if you want to be more comfortable with the virtual sex world. 

  • Ask relevant questions: 

When you are in a live sex video call with a cam model, you don’t want to piss them off by saying or asking the wrong questions. Before you get to the stage of video call sex, you must have taken some time to learn about the etiquette in the virtual sex world. When asking questions, ensure you channel them to the right source. Also, there are more than enough answers already supplied in the site’s FAQ section. So, ensure you take some time to go through these questions, so you can learn from some mistakes others have made. Don’t assume you understand everything about sex, and because of that, you know all there is about virtual sex. One way to enjoy this community is by playing by the books, and one way to ensure you play by the book is by learning from the book itself. 

  • Allow the model to lead, and you follow: 

Your comfort on a virtual sex platform does not depend on your mastery or oratory. You must be willing to learn from the professional in this picture (the cam model). Irrespective of the number of years you’ve been in the virtual sex community, the cam model remains the professional, and they understand that you probably can comprehend. So, ensure that you don’t jump the gun by being overly disrespectful by assuming you know it all. At times, just sit back and allow her to take you on the journey you’ve never been on. You’d be surprised at how much sexual tension you’d feel if you could allow her to perform her duties on you. It doesn’t matter if she’s at the other end of the screen. It doesn’t matter if virtual sex is one of your kinks or not; you’d definitely want to keep trying it. Don’t be surprised if you get addicted to virtual sex. It is as interesting as it is erotic and engaging. So, if you are looking for a means to relax, make friends and still thread the orgasmic realm, you should explore live sex video calls with a cam model on a virtual sex platform. 

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