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Deepfake Porn — New Fetish of 21st Century?

Neural networks have penetrated the “adult industry”. Computers have fallen in price, but the main thing is that the programs have learned to imitate augmented reality quite well. In the same way that modern expensive porn is shot against the background of chromakey to substitute special effects, digitization of the faces of celebrities is used here. Fake nudes is no longer a blackmail tool and go into the virtual strawberry genre.

Deepfake is not completely reliable today, but it is learning fast. Paradoxically, the desire for pornography makes in the field of machine learning no less than a whole research center. Libido drives our motives very powerfully, which is why interest in the resources with such fakes like deepfakeporn or sexcelebrity is quite healthy.

Machine Learning and Fake Nudes

Nude celebs are not only loved by hypersexual teens. This is stereotype. Not everyone wants modern glamorous stars, but millions of fans – for sure. These defendants in glossy covers create an image “on the verge of a foul”. Therefore, a variety of sites have long offered a fairly mediocre retouch, which collects a lot of views. Therefore, a deepfake has become even more popular.

Fake nudes are now being made by machine learning technologies. Therefore, the site is so accessible. Technically, it was possible to remove porn from Scarlett Johansson earlier. The question is the price of such a project. To combine the face of the famous actress with the body of various “donors” by hand is difficult and expensive work. A neural network can process a huge array of data much faster. Yes, the result is still far from perfect. But the videos are very hot and cost-effective.

For deepfake, real bodies of porn models are used. Casting is done on sites like Chaturbate, people with similar forms are searched. And often the figures of the acting stars “improve”, as on the set with the help of understudies. Fake nudes of the same Johansson sometimes look much better than those real erotic materials that we see from the big screen. Deepfake does not age and is not subject to hormonal problems: models can always be hired and younger, and no more fun.

What’s the Future of Adult Deepfakes

Fake nudes do not violate any laws, because although the resemblance to real stars is obvious, it is not yet completely authentic. Besides, many actors and singers, are not particularly against additional PR. Many Asian “idols” exploiting the image of innocent teenagers then go into candid genres. But this is one way. Fakes on can simultaneously quench the thirst of fans for candid videos, and save the career of your favorite character.

Deepfake with neural networks does not need separate production studios. These videos are made both by individual enthusiasts and small studios. Views of fake porn videos make this business extremely profitable. Fans are also happy – a variety of exclusive genres are being bought. You can now watch BDSM with your favorite talent show participant for a few dollars and without forcing anyone.

The mainstream genres, including regular sex, are available on or to every adult web user. A variety of genres is constantly updated. Convenient previews are configured on the site so that each new client can immediately see what exactly is in the trends today and which of the stars is now the “hottest”. This principle was borrowed from Pornohub, where he showed himself very well in the end. Come to, because daily updates with idols, both classic and with today’s heroes, appear there.

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Shemales and futanari in chatsex

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the increase of shemales in filmed porn and live cams, as well as the increase of futanari in cartoons and chatsex pornography. There are even tons of jokes and “memes” regarding traps and whether you can actually tell if someone is a boy or a girl. And whether you’d care at all. On top of that, dare and try to go online and find a definite proof whether traps are gay on straight. You’re bound to get stuck reading articles upon articles, forum threads, and comments, each strongly defending one point of view. From desperate pleas to scientific research, every person has a certain point of view when it comes to shemales, traps, futanari, you name it.

Perhaps that was the main selling point of the genre and the reason it exploded so much. A bunch of people constantly talking about it, hating them or loving them with passion, creating stronger or weaker arguments, making more adult art or straight up porn on the subject. Real-life shemales (whether you call them chicks with dicks or guys with tits) can look deceptively feminine. There are tons of hotties in the adult industry, both pornstars and camgirls, who you can’t tell they have cocks until you actually see them using one. From solo masturbation sessions to fucking other girls, shemales, having naughty fun with guys and enjoying massive orgies, everyone has seen a video with trannies at least once in their lives – by accident or on purpose.
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Masturbating together

Tired of looking at porn? Yeah, that happens. All the mainstream (or rather LAMESTREAM) porn videos feel formulaic, dull, and uninspired. Worst of all, they all are fake as fuck – the girls moan like crazy every time something touches their body, they twitch as if during an epileptic seizure once they “cum,” it’s all pretty damn pathetic. So, maybe you’re looking for something a tad more authentic?

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Flawless Hayden W nude at Femjoy

Alluring brunette femjoy model Hayden W is sitting on a sofa reading a book while her big breasts hang freely, distracting her from the story. As she put down her book she starts pulling down her shorts to expose her firm ass and smoothly shaved pussy. Then she lays back on the sofa to relax and show off all she has. Her big pale boobs are the star of the show and she does everything to make them the center stage.

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Alisa Moreno posing for Viv Thomas

Join delightful brunette viv thomas model Alise Moreno in the kitchen, drinking hot tea and wearing just her black bodysuit that perfectly fits her tall body. She gently gets naked revealing her delectable shaved pussy and sweet nipples already hard with anticipation. The elegant dame flirts and teases as she flashes her assets. Then she lifts her leg up to the counter giving us a perfect view of her slim pussy lips. If you feel like seeing more models getting naked just for you then check out our incredible HD Love Channel.

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Femjoy beauty Alisa Amore nude on a beach

Voluptuous brunette Alisa Amore stands naked on the beach with a straw skirt on her waist. As the sun goes down, golden shines tease her magnificent big breasts and the warm evening breeze caressing her Stunning 18 year old pussy. Her delicious lips forming a sultry smile as she is uninhibitedly posing in the front of the camera. Her gorgeous eyes promise the pleasure everyone dreams about.

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The Power Of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality adult content is something that has been around since 2015 but it’s only in the last year and a half that it’s been gaining a lot of momentum. A lot of people have been transitioning from watching normal porn videos to watching VR porn. You might ask yourself why is this happening? Compared to normal adult entertainment where there’s no real “action” on the side of the user, with VR porn consumers feel like they are much more engaged in what’s going on and they are actually part of the movie itself.

VR porn can only be watched with a VR headset, not with just a browser. Therefore, it requires people to choose the right device for them. Most of the VR headsets are sold online with prices ranging from below $100 all the way up to $700. Cheap quality headsets are not really recommended to watch porn, due to the fact that they are cheaply made with low quality materials and you basically get what you pay for you. On the other hand, expensive headsets like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift are made for hardcore video gamers who play all day long with nothing better to do.

A good purchase for strictly adult VR would be the IRIS VR Headset by This headset costs $199, is made with very strong materials, it has an amazing optical system that doesn’t disappoint, the resolution is very good and mostly it’s very appealing to the eye with it’s nice all white design.
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