Most Attractive Male Qualities (According to AnaCams Models)

We wanted to come up with a list of qualities that a MODERN woman would enjoy, so we came up with a rather unique approach. We asked camgirls from AnaCams what are the things that make them fall in love with the users, what are the things that made them give the guys free cam shows in the past. The results were pretty surprising, so read on to find out!

List of the Best Traits in Men

Positive energy and a happy spirit.

When a man has the energy and spirit to bring a smile to her face, there is no doubt that he is somebody a lady can be really really attracted to. We all want to be surrounded by positive energy and to feel that we are on top of our game. Women can sense this from men, because when a man’s smile is on the edge of falling off his face, it is easy to pick up on. However, if he is smiling and happy, it lifts up her spirits.

Diligence, good work ethic, etc.

We know it seems like all people, regardless of gender, should be responsible and hard-working, but when you add in the element of being faithful, treating women with respect, having strong morals and values and being traditionally masculine…. women find this man very attractive. Borderline irresistible.

Being sociable.

They want a man who knows how to make friends. They want a guy who can make it a point to reach out and make friends and who can create a sense of family. Even men who CAN be outgoing can sometimes act like they have no emotions. They are never truly joyful, which can come across as phony or fake. If you’re trying to impress a lady with your stoic demeanor, you will end up turning her off. Continue reading Most Attractive Male Qualities (According to AnaCams Models)

Why men prefer sex with older woman

Panthers are often called adult women who have not lost, and often only increased their attractiveness and sexuality over time. And often such women are of great interest to young men. However, why do many men prefer sex with older women when there are many attractive young girls around? 

For a young man who has had an intimate relationship with an adult woman, the so-called panther, this sexual experience often becomes the most vivid and makes a lasting impression for a lifetime. And here are the main reasons.

1. Number of partners.

Before marriage, these women may have had little experience, but after a divorce, the number of lovers tends to increase several times.

2. They have a rich experience.

It is logical that the older a woman is, the more experienced she is, which means she can surprise many.

3. They know what they want.

It’s no secret that men like to feel successful, and one of the main criteria for success for them is the ability to please a woman, because this greatly raises self-esteem. When a woman knows exactly what she wants in bed, it’s easier to succeed.

4. They know what men want.

Representatives of the masculine part of humanity also want a woman to be able to satisfy all their sexual desires. And no one can cope with this better than a wise experience of an adult woman.

5. They also enjoy sex like young men.   Continue reading Why men prefer sex with older woman

How to Make Cougar Fucking Happen Faster

A lot of guys get excited about cougar fucking. I mean, who doesn’t? Imagine Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, or some older women just getting down and nasty. There’s a lot to approve of, right? There’s a lot going on with that scenario.

But unfortunately, if you want to achieve any kind of success in your life, you have to take something from the intellectual level, or things that are happening inside your mind, right between your ears into the heart level. Because if you don’t feel it in your heart where it becomes part of your daily emotional vocabulary and daily emotional posture, it really isn’t going to amount to much.

I know that sounds like bad news, and it is. But the truth is the truth. That’s just the way the world works because if we allow certain ideas in our lives to just remain lodged in our minds, nothing is going to happen because, I’ve got some bad news for you: the world doesn’t give a fuck about what you think. It could care less about your feelings. In fact, in many cases, it shits on your feelings. That’s how important your feelings are to the world.

But you know what makes it sit up and pay attention? It’s your actions. And this is why when you take your ideas and you allow yourself to be so emotionally worked up about them that it actually pushes you to do something, anything, the world sits up and pays attention because objectively, you’ve done something that it detects.

Keep that in mind because this is the key to making cougar fucking in your life happen faster. You can think about it all you want, you can fantasizes about it all you want, but it’s not going to become more probable just because you keep thinking about it. It has to change your emotional state to such an extent that you get up out of that couch and get down to business.

Go online, put on a profile, start talking to chicks and making it happen. But if it’s just an idea in your head and it’s like something that you feel would be nice if it happened, then it’s just going to be a fantasy. Stop living in fantasy land and start changing your actions.

Top 5 Adult Chat Sites: Best Free Platforms

What can be better than porn? Only free porn, of course! And what’s better than free porn? Well, that’s a head-scratcher of a question. But we will give you a prompt: it’s free live porn where you see real girls do all those dirty things right now as if they were in your bed next to you! 


So, if you are a real connoisseur of round tits and pink pussies dripping with lube and craving a big dick (or a big dildo, for that matter), you’ll appreciate our top chart of free sex chat sites that offer great sex experience and deliver more than they promise. We pick only the best of the best, so you can proceed to any site we recommend and get a mind-blowing orgasm for free!



This site has hordes of happy visitors and some of the best models on a global scale. Overall, we’d award it the first place for being great in all aspects. The content is the pure hellfire of sex and all kinds of adult pleasures, from vanilla to hardcore. You can enjoy a free account or upgrade to premium, but even free access opens you the doors to the sluttiest models and wild shows. The site has an intuitive layout, tons of categories, and filters to pinpoint a model that matches your dream, and, of course, the hottest girls ever. 


You’ve probably heard this name, as it’s one of the oldest cam sites, and its creaky interface matches its age. It sports some really nice models, and you can watch shows for free, but they’re more of an appetizer. The babes mostly talk in free rooms. You can spot some sex shows going live, but overall, you’ll have to pay to get to the core (and wet pussies) of those hotties in private chats. The upside is that this site offers everything imaginable (and unimaginable) in sex, so perverts and creeps, rejoice! 


A pretty decent site that does not aim to rob you. Models do all that deliciously dirty stuff in public shows, and if you want something special, you just tip until the goal is reached and the girl fulfills your dream. No private chats altogether. The site has some very particular girls (if you know what we mean) who wouldn’t make it past your front door, but these chicks are talkative and funny, so give it a try. 


It is known for the best models – the prettiest, sexiest, sluttiest, and diverse. Ebony cams or Asian cams, trans peeps with dicks and tits, lesbians, gays – any freaky dream comes true here. The site design also keeps the sex heat rising. But it has its price: the site is expensive, and with a free account, you have only a glimpse of its treasures. Want to go deeper (down the pussy or the ass, it does not matter) – whip out your credit card and pay. 


One more charge-free site (sort of). Again, you end up sharing a model with the room full of other cum shooters (no private chats), and any worthy stuff like masturbation or couple sex is worth some generous tips. But diversity, available free shows, and some good tech behind the platform make it worth a try. 


That’s our personal cherished list of cam sites that are free or have free options. Try them and do not forget the lube on your way to your laptop!




Foreplay and its meaning for your sex life

There are a lot of people that seem to underestimate just how important foreplay is when it comes to sex. There are some people that just want to dive right into the actual act of sex without really getting that other person going crazy for them. Sure, it feels great, but you are never going to be getting the full experience of sex.

On this page, we want to talk a little bit about ‘what does foreplaying mean’, as well as give you a little bit of an idea about why foreplay is just so important when it comes to your sex life.

What does Foreplaying Mean?

Foreplay is a term that means different things to different people.

In our mind, foreplay is everything involved in the lead-up to sex. It is that emotional and physical connection that you have with a person. A connection that is meant to get them horny as hell.

The reason why foreplay means different things to different people is that we are all turned on by different things. Some people, for instance, really love the whole roleplay thing. Talking before sex. This means sharing some pretty filthy desires. For others, a lot of touching e.g. oral sex, kissing, clothing removal, etc. are on the cards.

The best way to think about foreplay is whatever you feel your partner could do to get you wanting sex right there and then. If you have a partner, communicate what you like to them. This is going to be vital if you really do want to build up a long-term relationship.

The Importance of Foreplay in Your Relationship

Don’t get us wrong, sex is fantastic enough on its own. However, you are never going to be building a solid relationship if you act like a teen porno where everything is done and dusted in a couple of minutes. A solid relationship is built upon foreplay.

Remember what we said about foreplay before? It is all about building a physical and emotional connection with somebody. Foreplay can last hours where you get to know what type of things turn a person on. You can explore their body. Play into the fantasies. Everything. As you may well know, the key to a successful relationship is actually getting to know a person.

The thing about foreplay is that it isn’t really ‘set in stone’ what you need to do. You can’t have proper foreplay with somebody that you just met in the local bar. Sure, there are some things that probably will turn them on, but you aren’t really going to be tapping into their every desire. That comes when you have known a person for a while and really understand who they are. This only comes from relationships.

Continue reading Foreplay and its meaning for your sex life

Busty Pornstars You Need To Know

There are tons of really busty pornstars who are actively shooting porn today. So many that I don’t know where to begin. Actually, strike that. I’m going to begin right here by laying out the best of the best when it comes to big tits and pornstars. The list below is what I consider to be the top list of adult models who are worth paying memberships to watch. 

But first, you need to know some of the factors that I considered when making my selection. I focused on performance efforts, popularity, breast size, and active shooting level. That’s pretty much the criteria that I went with here for this whole selection process. Now, let’s get down to business. Here’s a list of the top five titties in porn today! 


My Toplist For The Best Big Tits In Porn Today.

. Continue reading Busty Pornstars You Need To Know

Hottest Webcam Models to Watch Live Today

  Adult entertainment isn’t what it used to be – things have changed rather rapidly, and photos and videos aren’t really the prime way of consuming such content. On the other hand, cam girls are rapidly picking up steam, so visiting a popular cam site is probably the best way to enjoy such content.

That being said, there are so many cam girls out there, and consuming everything is difficult. Many of them will also come with a rather hefty price if you want to make the most of it, and you’ll find yourself thinking about which models are worth watching today. Well, we’ve got that one answered for you, so without much further ado, here are the hottest webcam models you should be watching today.



One of the sexiest models out there, and certainly a top pick when it comes to Chaturbate, Cherry_Lady has been doing this for a good while and she’s definitely at the top of her game. She’s got the looks, she’s got the charisma, and she knows exactly what to do to make her viewer extremely satisfied.


Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain

Continue reading Hottest Webcam Models to Watch Live Today

Everything You Needed to Know About [2021]

Camwhores TV is a live sex cam platform established in 2020. It offers a nice selection of webcam performers. Down below, we are going to discuss important information that every user needs to understand prior to visiting this site.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Among the advantages of, there’s:

  • VR cams;
  • Cheap rates;
  • Extensive categorization;
  • Massive selection of performers;
  • Different filters.

Disadvantages include:

  • Cam2Cam is pricier than the “regular” option;
  • Generic design;
  • No live video previews.

The Roster & Video Quality

If choice is what you value the most, this platform will pleasantly surprise you: there are many webcam girls online at any given point in time. The latest calculations show, that there are at least 3k cam performers broadcasting live no matter when you decide to tune in.

You can filter women based on 

  • Age: Teen 18+, Young, MILF, Mature, Granny.
  • Ethnicity: Arab, Asian, Ebony, Indian, Latina, White.
  • Body Type: Skinny, Athletic, Medium, Curvy, BBW.
  • Hair: Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Colorful.

and several other criteria. In total, there are well over 600 different categories that will help you narrow down the selection.

Along with the ethnicity, you can find out any given model’s nationality because there’s a flag placed next to her name. The thumbnail-style previews also show whether or not the model is broadcasting in HD, using interactive toys, etc. 

When talking about video quality, you have to mention that a very large percentage of this Camwhores site’s models actually broadcast in 1080p Full-HD and 2160p Ultra-HD. Users that prefer crystal-clear, crisp-looking sex streams don’t have to settle for anything less than perfect as far as the experience goes.

Prices & Chat Types

This Camwhores.TV site is surprisingly cheap. You don’t have to spend much (or anything, really) in order to enjoy the best online camwhores that they have to offer. The price per minute varies from room to room, but according to our market research, it’s below what you have to pay on other websites on average. As mentioned before, the Cam2Cam option might seem pricier, but it’s nowhere near as pricey as you will see on several websites that recently started to gain serious momentum.

As far as chat types go, here are the most common types:

Continue reading Everything You Needed to Know About [2021]

Alicia Silverstone’s Most Underrated Nude Scene

You all know and love Alicia Silverstone, right? She was a teen idol, she was a sex symbol, she shocked the world with a slew of show-stealing performances (Clueless (1995), Batman & Robin (1997), and more). For some reason, she decided to quit acting altogether when her career began to seriously flounder. She recently made the headlines after making some idiotic statements that earned her the ire of the public (you gotta remember that she’s an anti-vaxxer too).

Anyway, let’s rewind it a little bit: all throughout her glory days, one of the most important things about Alicia’s overall appeal was, obviously, her sexiness. Luckily for us, the young celebrity did NOT shy away from showing her attractive body! In addition to all the well-known stuff, there exists a very underrated Alicia Silverstone nude scene that we want to share with you. It’s from a little movie called The Crush (1993). We don’t really get to see much, but there’s something very, VERY arousing about it (all the obvious sleaze notwithstanding).

Exceptional Pornography on a Superior Website

There’s just no way to sugarcoat it: a bad interface can ruin the experience. Even though XNXX has one of the largest, most wide-ranging, and exciting pornographic libraries in the world, it’s still extremely unpopular with the audiences from all over the globe. Frankly speaking, we were waiting for someone to do this XXX collection justice by combining it with a deserving interface. Now, whadda you know, there finally IS a good-looking site that has all the hottest videos from XNXX available for free streaming!
In35 is fairly underrated, so we felt the need to give this site a shout out. Their collection of XNXX pornography can keep you entertained/aroused/horny for hours upon hours to no end. They add new videos on a very frequent basis, so there will never be a shortage of exciting smut for you to watch online and in great quality. There’s just no other way to put this: you NEED to check out In35’s curated collection of XNXX pornography as soon as possible. Here’s the link –