Everything you need to know about female ejaculation

There are several misconceptions about the concept of female ejaculation, which some women don’t even understand. This misinformation has been from a very primary stage that we have been made to believe that when a lady ejaculates, she’s satisfied with the sex. Ejaculation doesn’t mean satisfaction as far as sex is concerned. There are some ladies that if you want them to ejaculate, all you need to do is to touch them in their most sensitive body parts, and ejaculation will come speedily. Does this now mean that they enjoy the entire process? Definitely no. It signifies that their body has receptors, and the receptors in that area you’ve touched or aroused are very active and capable of making her ejaculate.

Several live cam girls can explain what female ejaculation is for you; some are such that when they begin to explain, you wonder about the possibility. Some ladies are such that they won’t experience any form of ejaculation until some particular sexual position has been taken either by them or by their partner. However, some would ejaculate to just the simplest yet erotic kiss.

What is female ejaculation? 

Yes! As mentioned earlier, there have been various misconceptions about the process of ejaculation, especially in females, and one of them is that you don’t need a penis to ejaculate. You don’t need a penis before you experience ejaculation; all you need is a urethra. The urethra is an organ that allows the passage of urine out of your body. So, ejaculation occurs when fluid (not always urine) is discharged through your urethra, primarily during orgasms or sexual arousal. It is worth noting that this fluid is not the same as what you regard as being wet, which is your cervical fluid that lubricates the vagina.

That being said, you must note that as common as this might sound, not everybody ejaculates often. Most people have sex and sexual arousal and still will not ejaculate. So, it’s not always everyone that enjoys ejaculation always. Some are such that it’s once in about 3 sexual encounters.

Is ejaculation squirting? 

This is where most individuals get it mixed up. Some live cam girls are such that when they have sex, they squirt, but the question is, does that means they’ve ejaculated? The answer is yes, technically. The reason is that squirting combines pee (about 80% of the total discharge) and ejaculate. So, when you squirt, it’s not just pee. It’s the combination of your pee and ejaculate. So, you can refer to squirting to mean ejaculation. Although it’s not fully correct, it answers part of the question if you can clear the difference. So, what then is ejaculating? Ejaculate in females is a thick whitish fluid synonymous with diluted milk. The component of the female ejaculate is identical to that of the semen in males and contains creatinine and urea, which are primary components of the urine.

What does it feel like when you ejaculate? 

Like many live cam girls, ejaculation varies from person to person. The bodies are different, though the mechanism and components of ejaculation remain the same. So, when you ejaculate, you shouldn’t expect to feel the same way as your friend. For some individuals, ejaculation doesn’t feel different from attaining orgasm without ejaculation. So, they are mostly indifferent about their feelings when they ejaculate. However, other individuals feel a rising terror and, at the same time, a gushing warmth taking over their entire thighs. According to research, ejaculation is meant to happen alongside orgasm when the G-spot is stimulated through oral sex, penetrating sex, or using a sex toy. It is worth noting that sexual positions, your partner’s skills, and level of arousal also play an important part in the process of ejaculation. So, if you want to enjoy ejaculation, you can begin by taking note of these characteristics mentioned above. Some live cam girls have explained how often they ejaculate, and since most of them are into online sex, the only means of ejaculation is basically through masturbation with sex toys. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need a penis to enjoy ejaculation. All you need is your urethra as a sex toy. Some individuals prefer masturbating to porn and other erotic content. However, the most important fact to note about ejaculation is that everybody will not ejaculate the same way, and everyone will not feel the same way when they ejaculate. You must first understand your body and know what works for you instead of trying to compare with your friends.


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