Sex toys: What gender should use sex toys? 

 If you still believe sex is gender-based, then sex should be gender-based. Believing sex toys are gender-based is the same as believing that gender is meant to enjoy sex more than the other, and nothing can be done about it. That’s a myth, and you should stop believing immediately. As much as sex and sex-related topics are concerned, any gender is free to explore as much as possible. So, irrespective of your sexuality or gender, you can use a sex toy without feeling bad about it. Sex toys will not reduce your integrity in any form, and you’d be surprised to know that everyone at some point has thought of having a sex toy. If you masturbate with your hands and fingers, they are sex toys too. So, don’t get it twisted! Sex and related acts are meant for all!

There are several sex toys for several moments and all sexualities and genders. So, it doesn’t matter if you are bisexual, heterosexual, or queer; there’s always a sex toy for you that could be added to your collection. Don’t make the mistake of believing women should have more sex toys than men! There are more than enough adult sex toys for both men and women, so because you’ve only heard of dildos and vibrators doesn’t mean that’s all there is about sex toys. The adult entertainment industry is one of the numerous places where you get to understand that there are more than enough adult sex toys for several pleasure and positions.

What gender should use sex toys? 

Any gender can use a sex toy. It doesn’t matter what you are identifying as. Since you want to enjoy sexual pleasure and rapid orgasms, you should get yourself a sex toy. Most times, we underestimate the importance of having a sex toy, and others equate it as a waste of resources. It’s far from it, and because you have a partner or are in a situation-ship with someone doesn’t mean you should underplay the importance of having a sex toy collection. Your partner could get tired, disappoint you, or even be far away at some point. Sex toys become your succor at those critical moments. So, having adult sex toys doesn’t make you extravagant because you have a partner. You can have a bracelet and a wristwatch on the same hand if you wish. It adds more taste and color to your looks. That’s the same way sex toys beings more pleasure to sexual intimacy and add more pleasure to your orgasm.

Importance of using a sex toy

If you’ve been wondering why some of your friends have sex toys, and you can’t relate, here are some reasons why they have them and also why you should consider having a collection of your own.

  • It increases sensitivity:

Irrespective of gender, sex toys help increase sensitivity. You feel more intense pleasure with using a sex toy, which feels much more intense than usual. This is because your body has become sensitive to that toy such that when it comes in contact with you, you feel your body, and orgasms jolt through your body down to your spine. Your body becomes more sensitive the more you use sex toys. So, if you are such that you don’t get too much pleasure from ordinary penetrating sex or other forms of sexual intercourse, you should consider getting a sex toy. It could be as easy as helping your body becomes more sensitive to sexual impulses.

  • It makes sex more pleasurable:

Sex could become boring, even faster than you can imagine. Peradventure having sex with your favorite person is now becoming boring to you, or you are beginning to find it less sexual, and that is because you’ve been doing the same thing the same way for a very long time. Bringing in something new, such as improvisation with a sex toy, is one of the most interesting means of making sex more intense and pleasurable. If you keep having sex with a routine without a form of improvisation, it becomes boring easily. So, instead of the regular penetrating sex or anal sex, why not spice things up with adult sex toys? You’ll be surprised to know how much you can enjoy sex. If you must enjoy sex, be rest to do some things a little differently than the usual.

  • It helps you explore your body better:

Some relationships have crashed because a partner doesn’t understand the other person anymore. Understanding your partner’s sexual pleasure could be tricky, especially if your partner doesn’t know themselves well. However, one way to find out is not by trial and error during sex; you could begin with sex toys. Hence, you should be ready to update your sex toys collection at least every three months for something new.

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