Most Attractive Male Qualities (According to AnaCams Models)

We wanted to come up with a list of qualities that a MODERN woman would enjoy, so we came up with a rather unique approach. We asked camgirls from AnaCams what are the things that make them fall in love with the users, what are the things that made them give the guys free cam shows in the past. The results were pretty surprising, so read on to find out!

List of the Best Traits in Men

Positive energy and a happy spirit.

When a man has the energy and spirit to bring a smile to her face, there is no doubt that he is somebody a lady can be really really attracted to. We all want to be surrounded by positive energy and to feel that we are on top of our game. Women can sense this from men, because when a man’s smile is on the edge of falling off his face, it is easy to pick up on. However, if he is smiling and happy, it lifts up her spirits.

Diligence, good work ethic, etc.

We know it seems like all people, regardless of gender, should be responsible and hard-working, but when you add in the element of being faithful, treating women with respect, having strong morals and values and being traditionally masculine…. women find this man very attractive. Borderline irresistible.

Being sociable.

They want a man who knows how to make friends. They want a guy who can make it a point to reach out and make friends and who can create a sense of family. Even men who CAN be outgoing can sometimes act like they have no emotions. They are never truly joyful, which can come across as phony or fake. If you’re trying to impress a lady with your stoic demeanor, you will end up turning her off.

No petty gossip!

We all have our own lives, our own interests. Nobody likes a gossiper and men can oftentimes be insanely gossipy. Nobody wants to hear about his friend’s sleazy adventures in Las Vegas or his sister’s new obsession with a true-crime documentary. As much as we love to hear about those topics when the timing’s right, we don’t want to hear them on a daily basis.

Having a masculine presence is very attractive.

Yeah, there’s no need to lie—yes, there is nothing sexier than a man that looks… manly. A man with a nice pair of jeans and a well-fitted t-shirt is perfect, there is something very attractive about a man who is comfortable in his own skin.

Being romantic.

It’s pretty obvious. It’s what makes women swoon! A good man knows how to make his lady feel like the only woman in the world and is constantly thinking of ways to show his woman that he loves her and appreciates her. I think a lot of men worry that this is something that is unattractive, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Although none of the characteristics listed above are critical, each one is crucial in building attraction.

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  1. or just earn more money than her and you dont have to worry about having the “right” traits.

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